6.6kw GCL Solar Panels 275w – Sungrow Inverter- 5kw Solar System Adalaide


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Gcl Solar Panels 275w – Sungrow Inverter Solar Power System

6.6kw Solar Panel System 24 Gcl Solar Panels 275w solar panel’s and a 5kw Sungrow Inverter fully installed. This offer is Limited so be quick. Buy online or contact us to secure this special offer price.


10 in stock


Gcl Solar Panels 275w Solar Panel System

Quality 6.6kw solar power system is now affordable. Don’t settle for a mediocre system for the same price – get the best Fully installed GCL Panels + Sungrow. Price advertised is a cash price only. Finance available. Price is shown after the STC rebate deductions  View GCL Solar Panels Spec Sheet Or the Sungrow Inverter Specs

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Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 150 cm


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